How to make origami girls

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Fold your paper in half

Fold about 1/8 of the paper behind it

Place your star paper in the MIDDLE

Fold the corner on top of the star paper

Fold one side of the paper over the star paper

Dog ear the end of the slip of paper the opposite direction

Do the same thing to the other side, but bigger


Cut a circle for the head

Put a small piece of tape on the end of the star paper

Put your head on

Cut another piece of paper in half

Roll up both halves three times

The finished result:

Wrap it around the waist

That is the view from behind

Fold your other piece of rolled up paper and fold it like arms

Wrap it around the shoulders

And tape it on

Cut out hair

And tape it

Optional: draw a face

All done

Watch the video: How to make Paper Hat for Girls: Origami Hat. sb crafts

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