How to make shanghainese-style dumpling (wonton) 上海雲呑

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Dumpling Wrapper, make sure it is the white (shanghai) style and not the yellow (Guangdong) style wrapper.

Shrimps: Remove shells and guts. Toss with 2 teaspoons of table salt for a firmer texture. Wash away the salt with water. Dry and wrap in clean towel, then refrigerate overnight. Dice before use.

Wash the vege. Vege can be Bok Choy 白菜, watercress 西洋菜, or my favourite Chinese Chives 韭菜.

Finely chop the vege, in this case the Chinese Chives.

Mix all 3 ingredients: Minced Pork, Vege, and Shrimp (stir with a wooden spoon in a large bowl for 1-2 minutes so that the ingredients become smooth and sticky)

Add and mix: 1.5 teaspoon salt, 1.5 teaspoon sugar, 1 teaspoon shaoxing Wine, 2 tablespoons Dark Soy Sauce, white pepper, 1 egg yolk (egg white kept for wrapping), and Corn starch (if too moist).

Ready for wrapping :)

Prepare either plastic or metallic trays for storage of the fresh dumplings. Sprinkle flour to avoid sticking, and aluminum foil is used if dumplings are to be stored in freezer for later serving.

Have ready the finished ingredients, the egg white (as wrapping glue), the wraps, and the storage trays.

1:1 actual size fresh uncooked dumpling! Too much fillings the dumpling may break when boiled.

Now we are ready to cook the dumplings! Or you can cover the tray of dumplings with food film and store in freezer for later serving. Recommended not to be stored for over a week.

Boil approx. 1-2L of water in a pot.

Once the water boils, keep the heat on high, put no more than 30 dumplings in at a time, then bring it to the boil. Occasional stir to avoid sticking.

When it boils the dumplings should be floating as shown. Add a bowl of tap water to cool down the pot. Wait for reboil, add a 2nd bowl of tap water, wait for 2nd reboil, then we are ready to serve!

Yummy hot dumplings! Served either with or without soup. I always like it without soup.

Added both light and dark soy sauce, lots of chinese dark vinegar, a touch of sesame oil, optional Worcester and chili sauce to taste, enjoy!

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