How to make a campfire

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Here is your finished flaming fire.

Get your fire pit set up. Your fire pit should be about 3 feet in diameter. It should be 10-12 inches wide and a half foot deep. It can be other sizes depending on your fire.

Put your tinder in the fire pit. Make the base the extra flammable tinder. Don't put all of your tinder on at one time. We ended up using more dead grass and less of the wood on the left.

Light the match and cup your hand around it to keep it from being blown out. You only really need to do this if it is windy.

Now you have your fire! Now, for how to douse your fire.

Wait for the campfire to die down quite a bit on its own.

Douse the entire campfire with plenty of water.

You may have to add more water. Also, if it is still smoking, stir it around with a stick. Touch the ashes and remaining wood and make sure that all of the material is cool to the touch.

Tips for starting your fire: Make sure the wood and tinder you use has been dead for a while. Make sure you check the laws in your area because you might need a license.

Tips for dousing your fire: if it is too hot to touch, it is too hot to leave. Also, if you are out of water or don't have any, use dirt or sand and put it on top of the fire, but be sure to mix well.

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If matches are not available then some eyeglasses or a magnifying glass will work. Simply point your glasses at the tinder with the sun shining through them. The fire should start in no time!

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