How to make a sunshine basket

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First, gather your items that you are going to put in your Sunshine Basket.

Now, if your basket isn't yellow, line the basket with yellow tissue paper.

Next, put the candy (Peanut M&M's and Lemonheads) in the basket.

Now, put the Juicy Fruit gum in the basket.

Then, add the yellow Q-Tips.

Next, you then can put in the yellow candle. It can be any kind of yellow candle, this scent is Honeysuckle.

Now, put in the beauty products like the eos and make-up remover wipes that are in a yellow wrapper.

Then, you can add in the yellow bath sponge.

Next, put in the lemonade water flavoring.

Now, add in any other yellow items that you can find that your friend would love!

Then, you can print off these messages to add to your basket! You can cut them out and paste them on the basket.

Finally, you can put ribbon around it and tie a bow or put a message in the middle!

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