How to do the final 3 card trick

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Have the spectator take 3 random cards

Have the spectator look at their cards, but make sure they don't let you see them

As the spectator is looking at their cards, make a pile of 10 cards

Make another pile, this one having 15 cards

Make another pile, again having 15 cards

Make one last pile, this time with 9 cards, and you should have no cards left

Have the spectator put one of the Carlson the pile with 10 cards

Have the spectator cut as many cards as they want from the next pile

Have the spectator put the cards that they cut onto the first pile

Have the spectator take one of their other cards

Have them put it on the second pile

Have them cut as many cards as they want from the third pile

Have them put the cards that they cut from the third pile onto the second pile

Have them take their last card

Then have them put it on the third pile

Then you take the last pile

Put the last pile on the third pile, then pick that pile up

Put the third pile on the second pile, then pick that pile up.

Put the second pile on top of the first pile

Tell the spectator that if they see any one of their cards in the face up pile, and if they do, tell them to tell you that you need to stop because you failed. Then flip the cards face up, face down.

You can lay out the cards in a pile, or you can put them out so in a way so that you can see all of the cards to make sure you didn't mess up

Here's an example of how you can lay them out.

When you finish flipping the cards, you should have ended on a face down card. Ask the spectator if they are sure that they didn't see their cards, you can even let them look through the face-up pile

Then you take the face-down card pile, and repeat steps 20 through 23

When you are done repeating steps 20 - 23, you take the face-down pile, but this time you flip the cards face down, then face up. To add effect, you can say that you're gonna try to shake things up

Again, this time you flip the cards face-down, then face-up

When you are done flipping the cards face down then face up, you should have 7 cards left, all face down.

Take these last 7 cards, and flip them face up then face down again.

This should leave you with four face up cards and three face down cards.

Pick up the three face down cards and show them to the spectator and ask if these were their cards. If they are, great job! If they aren't, order pizza and try this tutorial again!

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