How to makesage & garlic chicken with maple pumpkin

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Preheat oven to Highest temperature, fanforced. and an extra 2 minutes cooking time every 10 degrees below that.

Place baking sheet on a tray.

Add garlic to a bowl.

Add four slices of lemon

Douse with oil. Add pepper if desired.

Tossed chicken and put aside.

Cut Pumpkin into wedges.

In a frying pan place maple syrup, butter and chilli powder.

melt the butter into the syrup on medium heat.

grease the baking paper

place the pumpkin on the paper, one layer only.

Melt the butter into the syrup and stir until bubbling.

Once bubbling, pour over the pumpkin

Place chicken fillets evenly spaced on top of the pumpkin. Put one of each of the lemon slices on top.

Place in oven, center shelf, for 15 minutes.

Exactly 15 minutes later.


Serve with excess maple gravy drizzled over top...

Or if you're like me put them in containers for the week's meals!

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