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First I used the Ten Second Verday Patina Paint on the heart. I cant even explain how yummy this patina is. Then I added Metallic Lustre to the top of the heart to accentuate the raised area

Next I wrapped thin cording around the base of the heart,catching it in all the indents of the heart

I drilled holes through a small masonite heart from RCA painted it with the same patina and added book text. Then I overlapped layers of crochet trim and stitched the heart on to the crochet trim

I removed the back of the clock and painted it using the Patina again.

I then cut out a circle of decorative metal sheet for the background and spray painted it black.

I also painted Gold Dresden Black and applied it to the rim of the clock

I assembled it by gluing the heart inside the clock and mounting it onto a wood block to give it some height. I also incorporated Prima Flowers and Brass embellishments

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