How to make a color-in wine label

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Planning out your next girls night? Up the ante by adding a set of personalized wine labels. Bonus, they come already attached to award winning wines! Scroll down to see how it's done.

1. Select a Custom Label Template: Choose from over 200 hundred professionally designed label templates, or upload your own art using the ‘Blank Label’ template.

2. Customize Your Label by Adding a Personal Message: Use the Edit Tools to change the font, size, color and spacing of your message.

3. Save Your Label: From the Label Maker, log in or create an account to review, name and save your label.

You can even email or print a preview for yourself or someone else to review.

4. Pick Out Your Wine: Choose from over 50 wines, from Cabernet to Moscato and everything in between. You can add a custom label to ANY Windsor Vineyards wine.

5. Add Your Label to Your Order + Check Out: Attach your custom label to your wine at check out.

They will professionally print and apply your label. Perfect for putting that personalized touch on your next gift, great for wedding favors, even for your next craft night!

To create your own color-in wine labels, click here:

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