How to make a mini album cover

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Prep your BFS Chipboard gate using items from the Mediums-Add on. First paint with gesso, using the dimensional paint and acrylic paint dab in random areas. when dry rub on a bit of Artisan Powder

Cut 6"x 6.5" and 3.25"x 6.5" from pattern paper to adhere to cover. Be sure to distress edges. Take a Prima Flower Vine(from flower add-n) and cut on half.

add foam tape just to the bottom of the gates

This lock and key resin piece are from Melissa Frances (from my stash) use the Artisan Powder to give aged look.

Adhere the pattern paper to the cover and layer the gates. Add the lock to the center only gluing on the right side panel.

Take a small image and glue it to a resin from. Use the Artisan Powder again.

Glue down your vines and add flowers from the flower add on. Embellish as you will. Be sure to add foam dots to the back of the gates were they cant be seen

I took a small vial and put glitter glass in it, gluing the cap on. I then placed it inside in the resin frame

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