How to make an heart shaped tea bag

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Gather your supplies. Prepare your tea bag by taking it out from the paper that covers it.

Open your tea bag up, being very careful not to break the filter too much. The paper used for it is extremely delicate.

Take the tea leaves out of the filter but do NOT throw them away! Just keep them apart for a while.

Open the filter paper completely and flatten it on a table.

Fold it in half and draw a heart on one of its faces using a pencil. The heart must be big enough to contain the tea leaves, but not too big.

Cut the heart with scissors, keeping in mind that there's the other half of the paper sheet on the back so you'll end up having 2 identical hearts.

Prepare some red thread on a needle and sew about half of the hearts together, starting from their centre.

Insert the tea leaves back in the heart shaped filter you are making.

Keep sewing all around the hearts to finally close the tea bag. Don't cut the thread at the end: leave some free so that you can hold the tea bag from there.

Draw a tiny heart on a piece of red fabric.

Cut it and make another one. The 2 hearts must be identical.

Put some hot glue on one of your fabric hearts and lay the end of the red thread on it.

Finally glue the other fabric heart on top with the thread in the middle.

I know that tea bags are going to be thrown in the garbage after a few minutes so this probably looks useless, but taking some time to do this for someone you love is worth it, isn't it? :)

Your cute heart-shaped tea bag is ready to surprise someone special!

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