How to cook leg of lamb in instantpot

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Blot lamb dry with paper towel. Rub with spices. Let sit 1 hour.

When the pot reads HOT add fat, I used leftover chicken fat from making broth. Brown all sides of the lamb for about five minutes each on sauté.

Chop the vegetables into large chunks while the lamb is Browning.

Remove the roast. Add about 2 cups of liquid to the bottom of the pot. I used chicken broth. Put a Trivet in The pot.

Put the roast back in. Place the potatoes around it. Throw the onions on top. Put the lid on, set to sealing.

Push the meat/stew button. 35 minutes. NPR.

Delicious! Cooked just right and the potatoes had a wonderful flavor. Save the pan fat and juice for other uses.

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