How to make snowflakes for christmas

I used Canson's Messages A4 metallic paper in blue. Which is just so pretty.

Cut your paper into a square.

Fold in half diagonally

Press edge

Fold in half diagonally again

Then fold in thirds. Until both folds are equal. Press edge firmly

Then fold the last third underneath.

It should look like this

Cut off the two tails.

Draw your design onto you snow flake or just start cutting and see what happens. It's such a lot of fun. Even my twelve Yr old son enjoyed making them.

I googled 'making snowflakes images' to find some different patterns to follow.

This is how it looked when I was finished cutting.

And opened up.

It's quite exciting seeing how your creation will look when opened up. It's impossible to guess how it will look.

We tried a weeny one from the offcut

It's cute

This is so cool.

My kids and I enjoyed making these snowflakes. It's definitely a fun little activity to do with your kids that's take no preparation or supplies.

Watch the video: 3D Paper Snowflakes DIY

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