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Today, I'm working on another LifeBook lesson. I'm dreaming of my dream home with this page. I started out by covering my page with Reef, Orchid and Cotton Candy Velvets.

I painted my elements on a separate piece of paper, my house, door, chimney, window and a pretty dragonfly. I used Baby Blue Eyes, Red Velvet, Sunshine, Just Peachy and Coral Sorbets.

To make clouds on the background, I cut out a stencil out of cardstock.

Using the cloud stencil and Cotton Velvet and Mud, I painted on clouds.

I used Pearl Fairy Dust to sprinkle dots on my page. I wanted bigger droplets so I took out the spray nozzle and dripped the Pearl Fairy Dust around the page.

To make the drips, I puddled a bit more Pearl Fairy Dust onto my page and held it vertically so I would drip down.

On, yet, ANOTHER piece of paper, I penciled out a the upper portion of a face.

When I was happy with the results, I inked over it with a black pen.

I cut out all of my elements.

Then, I adhered all my elements to my cloudy, sky, page.

I outlined all the elements with a Stabilo Pencil. When I added a moist paint brush to the Stabilo Pencil lines, it blends out.

It's easy to make curly hair. Just make waves and waves of colored strands.

Here is my completed page of my Magical Whimsical Dream House. Until next time...

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