How to make cretan style zucchini salad

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Prepare the zucchinis as shown, you may not peel off the skin, it depends on the size of the zucchini, the smaller the best here :)

Divide them into four both to be boiled easily and for the plate design

When all are ready put the zucchini in a pan with cold water and off course add some salt ..

I prefer this, as a healthier choice

So let's start the boiling process

You may also check with a knife

Dry and cool them out but don't wash with cold water

To prepare the dressing, start with the lemons

Add the lemons juice first then the virgin olive oil

Thirdly the mustard comes

When the dressing is ready, pourit on the zucchini which is still warm

There you go, like this

Here's the Turkish Made , Cretan Style Zucchini ; healthy and low calory .. Bon apetit :)

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