How to make dumplings

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In a large bowl, add flour

Add baking powder and stir

Add butter. Mix butter into flour with your fingers or a pastry cutter. Flour should become crumbly.

Add a little less than a cup of milk and stir well.

Add flour to your counter or work space. Coat rolling pin with flour.

Place dough on flour and coat well. You want lots of flour on the dough.

Roll out the dough evenly

Cut long strips of dough using pizza cutter or knife

Cut the opposite way to make dumpling squares

Heat chicken broth to boiling. Gently add dumpling to broth. It's good to have extra flour on the dumplings as this will help thicken the sauce.

Boil dumpling for 15-20min

Sprinkle in some basil as the dumpling cook

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