How to make no bake raspberry fluff cake

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Line a 9x9 pan with graham cookies

Get one lemon and juice it so you get 2 tbs lemon juice

Add 2 packets of gelatine to the lemon juice and set aside to become like jelly for 5 mins

Take 3 cups raspberries and put into a food chopper. Blend until smooth

Blend up

Push raspberry slush thru strainer so u get only the juice

Push through

U should get about 2/3-1 cup juice

Add raspberry juice and sugar onto stove at med heat

Add gelatin and Keep stirring for about 5 mins

Next take the cream and a hand blender

Blend until thick about ten minutes

Add the raspberry mixture

All ready to make cake

Smooth over top of graham crackers ! I just used the top of a spatula to smooth top

Add raspberries to top of cake for cute touch

All done! Now just place into fridge for 5 hours or overnight and ur cake is ready! No baking needed! Happy day ! Follow me also please !

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