How to Paint Seagull at Sunset With Supplies From Lowe's

Anyone can paint this beautiful scene of a seagulls flight at sunset - Anyone. And it is extremely affordable, since most of your supplies come from your local Lowe's Home Improvement. Let's go!

This assortment of chip and craft brushes are great for working with oils, and costs just a couple of dollars each. That's Lowe's for you!

The bucket to the left has a 4 inch floor drain in it that is covered with odorless thinner. You can run your brushes over the drain to clean them, then shake them out into the right bucket.

Seagull At Sunset takes white, yellow, red, crimson, blue, and black. HINTuse paint sparingly and in layers. This photo is afterwards so you can see how a little paint goes a long way.

Mix white, thinner, and a touch of black to make a runny light gray. Prime the entire canvas with a THIN even coat. This will allow all the other colors to blend as you paint.

Start with yellow on a chip brush, making little X patterns across the bottom of the canvas. Slowly introduce some red to your mix as you go up the canvas. Then crimson. Switch brushes for the blue.

Blend with light horizontal strokes. Use your dirty blue brush and add some crimson. Layer in your dark clouds with horizontal dabs of varied intensity. When it looks like you want it, get a new brush

Layer in some white clouds the same way, playing off of the darker clouds. When done, VERY LIGHTLY take a clean brush and blend with horizontal strokes. There's your sunset. Ready for the seagull?

Using your putty knife, mix all the paint you have left together, except for a little black. Use that dark mixture with a little thinner to block in your bird shape with a craft brush. Steady hand!

Add some shadows to the belly and head with your leftover black. Make sure you show a few feathers on the tip of the wings and the tail. Thin down some red to ink in your signature and you are done!

Seagull at Sunset - 16x20 Oil On Canvas Lowes Never Stop Improving

Watch the video: Paint Sunset Sea and Seagulls in Watercolor showing light and atmosphere

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