How to Make Baby Back Ribs

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One rack remove membrane.

Use small knife or fork to get it started then take paper towel to remove.

Cover with rub then slather with yellow mustard. No mustard taste don't be scared)

Soak your chips and chunks minimum 2 hrs.

Get your smoker ready 225f

Big green egg rocks low and slow 225f

Load in the smoker with a butt and a brisket. Don't open for two hours then start to baste with a cup of apple juice, tbs hot sauce, and a tbs rub

After 3 hours the meat will start to shrink from the bone. Remove slather in sauce cut by 1/3 with apple juice and vinegar. Wrap tightly in foil. No tears. If so double wrap.

Put them back with their friends 1 hour

Slice into individual ribs. Pour juice from foil over ribs and serve. Notice nice smoke ring. For sweet and stick sub a half cup of brown sugar mixed with a1/4 cup mustard. Add a little Texas Pete!


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