How to Create Christina Aguilera's Eye Makeup💜

Any makeup kit that includes brown, white, and black eyeshadow will work just fine.

1st apply evenly eye shadow primer all over your lid. (any primer will work) What primer does is make the eye shadow last longer and not come off throughout the day. A great product to have.

Apply white eye shadow under your brow bone and the inner corner of your eyes.

This is the white shadow under the brow bone and in the inner corner of the eye.

Next I am using a light pink and applying it to the crease of my eye with my contour brush. (light brown or light orange would work as well)

The pink eye shadow just in the crease.

Next using a liquid black eye liner I'm going to cover my entire lid and add a wing tip. (regular pencil will work as well)

This is what the eyeliner and the wing looks like. (tipusing a q-tip you can make clean and crisp lines with your eyeliner)

Next apply black eyeshadow all over the black eyeliner you just put on. This will set the eyeliner.

This is the black eyeshadow on top of the eyeliner. It creates a matte eyeshadow effect.

Next apply those false eyelashes if you have them!(I at the moment do not have false eyelashes so I am using Maybelline's "The Turbo Volum' Express" (apply as many coats as desired)

Tipuse tweezers or a mechanical pencil to separate your lashes (clumpy lashes are not attractive)

I applied mascara to the top and bottom lashes. (You can stop here if you would like or you can further enhance the look in the next step)

Using your eyeliner create a small beauty mark to the side of your eye, this will capture Christina's signature look.

Your finished!(:

I hope you enjoy recreating this look as much as I did. Have fun!(:

Watch the video: Christina Aguilera, Lil Kim, Mya, Pink - Lady Marmalade Official Music Video

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